February 11, 2019
A Funny Thing Happened While Building My Brand
February 18, 2019

The Light That Shines Within You

“Your greatness is revealed not by the lights that shine upon you,

but by the light that shines within you.”

Ray Davis

This is one of those quotes that is ageless. Its truth transcends time. I’ve known people who claim center stage as they brag about their accomplishments. And there are those who quietly encourage others. Build them up. Support them and help them through tough times.

I’m lucky enough to have friends who are in the second group. I went through a tough time recently, and I received encouragement and support from them. And that set me free.

Someone had hurt me, badly. I was struggling. I added a forgiveness app to my phone, but the quotes rang hollow. I held on to hate as I licked my wounds.

One person close to me couldn’t understand why I was so hurt.

So I reached out to more friends. True friends. And they helped me. They helped me see a different side. But they also validated my hurt and anger.

And that made all the difference. I’ve heard that resentment towards someone shackles you to that person in chains of steel. Forgiveness provides the key to shatter those shackles and set you free.

I’m finally there. Thanks be to the grace of God first. And to my beloved friends. They provided the light that took me down the path of forgiveness which then led me to freedom.

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