May 19, 2020
The Hollywood Ending
June 8, 2020

The Light of Stars…and of Souls

We stare. We gaze at the night sky in wonder. When you are outside in the darkness, you can’t help but look at the sky. And regard it in awe.

Why are stars so fascinating?

There is, of course, the extra-terrestrial aspect. Which has been drilled into us with the iconic epics such as Star Trek and Star Wars. I’m not knocking them; I’m a fan!

But I believe there is something more out there. Something that draws us. Something that pulls at our innermost being.

Imagine the reverse scenario. Imagine the inhabitants of those stars gazing down at Earth. They see light. Not the light of electricity, but the light of our spirits shining. We all have a unique phenomenon. Each one of us is different. The light of each one of us radiates from our souls.

And creates a beauty all its own.

I like to imagine that the beings on the stars so far away gaze down at Earth.

They can see the singular light that emanates upwards from each one of us, in a hue that is different from all others.

For all the incredible beauty of nature, there is nothing more stunning than the light that shines forth from every soul.

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