The Light of Stars…and of Souls
May 28, 2020
The Mirror
June 29, 2020

The Hollywood Ending

Why do we seek the Hollywood ending?  What is it about humans that wants good to prevail over evil? Why do we smile when we see someone else, even someone that is a stranger to us, smile? Are smiles contagious as they say?

Or is there an innate part of our being that wants, not only the wellness of ourselves, but the wellness of all?

Is that why greed makes us so miserable?

Justice. Equality. Integrity.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t say these things are important. But I do know some who don’t act on that. Instead, they act upon what’s good for them. If that is at the expense of others, too bad. Looking out for number one.

When I see someone looking out for number one, my heart hardens, and my body stiffens. I frown. I am innately repulsed. I am reminded of the monster in the movie.

When I see someone helping someone else, when I see the caring eyes and the smiling face, I am often moved to tears. My heart softens and I smile. I am reminded of the hero in the movie.

Let us all strive to do the things that we can do to resemble the hero.

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