Built on Water
November 10, 2019
A Positive Spin on Change
November 17, 2019

Some Thoughts on Wisdom

What is Wisdom?

Knowledge is education. Study. Learning.

But wisdom! Wisdom is a way of applying facts learned to different situations. Wisdom is agile. Wisdom can soar up to the clouds and look down. It can turn its head one way and see the past, then turn its head the other way to envision the future.

Wisdom can look into both hearts and minds. Wisdom doesn’t just see the surface. Wisdom can peel away the layers and see what lies beneath.

Wisdom maintains its foundation. Wisdom doesn’t get sidetracked. It senses. It smells the odor of maleficence.

But wisdom can be drowned. The vines of materialism can creep over its feet and tie it to the earth so that it can no longer soar up to get its view. The creeping plant can worm into wisdom’s heart, choking out empathy.

A daily check of gratitude can be the sword to cut the roots of greed. Look around and take stock of what you have. There is so much in this world for which to be grateful. Take a minute and reflect. Then let your wisdom soar.

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