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March 29, 2020
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April 6, 2020

Knowledge is Power

We are bombarded with information regarding COVID-19.

We are being told who is the most vulnerable. But wait…young can die too.

We are being told to disinfect to kill bacteria on surfaces, practice social distancing and why, we must stay in our homes, wipe down our counters, wash our hands, don’t shake hands, etc. The list goes on.

And you know what?

I’m so glad.

I’m so relieved that there are people out there who know what to do. People out there who know how the virus spreads. People out there who know the steps we all must take to mitigate this evil bug and do our part to make sure others don’t get infected.

I’m so relieved these exhausted, overworked medical professionals are taking the time to explain the science to us.

Because when we understand it, we do a better job of complying.

When we understand it, we can remember. Because we know why.

Even before COVID-19, I appreciated medical professionals who explained things. I had a traumatic brain injury resulting from a bicycle crash years ago that paralyzed me and caused a mental fog. How was I going to get my life back?

I learned how elastic the brain really is. I learned what I had to do to get my cognitive processing back to where it was. They kept working with me, kept teaching me, and they helped me keep my spirits up!

And of course, I was so lucky God let me walk again.  

Whenever I or someone in my family has a medical issue, the experts explain it to us. They share their small slice of medical knowledge, and I gobble it up.

Here we are in a global pandemic. We are all relying on medical professionals. I thank them for their knowledge, and I thank them for what they are doing during COVID-19. I know it’s not easy! I admire them, I respect them. And most of all, I’m praying for them.

Take care out there.  

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