Answers to a Few Questions Asked
May 15, 2020
The Light of Stars…and of Souls
May 28, 2020


The pandemic has been a horrible thing. The loss of life, to the incredible efforts of the front line, to the loss of jobs and income…the list goes on and on.

I pray for better days. For medical recoveries, for medical tools, for economic recoveries, and for community recovery.

When we get there, I do hope we will remember some of the lessons learned. I hope we remember the importance of humanity.

None of us care about red and blue. We just care about you. We care about human beings suffering from income issues and from health issues. Humanity.

I also hope we remember about the peace that comes from slowing down. I’ve heard several people mention it. Casual clothes. A little more coffee. Taking a break to go outside. Making an effort to connect via phone.

Listening to one another.

Recognizing we all have a lot in common.

These are the thoughts that bring me hope in these times of stress.

Humanity is number one.

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