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November 25, 2018
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February 14, 2019


“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who helped you.” John E. Southard

It’s true. I haven’t blogged in some time. The holidays were a good excuse. As is ski season – we are having a fabulous snow year in Salt Lake City.

The good news is that I belong to a terrific writer’s group. It’s the Salt Lake City Genre chapter of the League of Utah Writers.

We have meetings once per week – on Saturday mornings at an eclectic coffee shop downtown. The walls are covered with paraphernalia from space movies such as Star Wars. There are statues of droids, and Darth Vader, and crazy things. There are two tables filled with fun games to play. You could come down and make yourself at home for hours.

And there is a big room in the back for meetings. This is where we writers go to learn, live, and laugh. We introduce ourselves each week in case someone is new. Plus, there are so many people, it takes awhile to learn.

We discuss ideas and challenges.  I mentioned my concerns about blogging and received so many great ideas it took at least ten to fifteen minutes for everyone to encourage me and give me advice.

And that is what I wanted to write about today. Encouragement. And encouragement leads to exhilaration. Which leads to energy. And excitement.

And all of a sudden you are doing what you wanted to do and going where you wanted to go.

All because of love and caring.

I could expound upon this and say basically why can’t we all just get along. But we all know that. I did, however, want to point out how much encouragement means to the human soul. And it’s free.

Offer someone some encouragement today. See what happens.

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