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May 3, 2019
A Spring Poem
May 19, 2019

Disrespect Hurts

I was pumping hard on our elliptical machine the other day while watching a news program. They were talking about a new product called an “I Adulted” calendar. It has stickers for you if you do something such as, “I took a shower”. The reporter commented something like, “Is this what millennials have to do to grow up?”

I was shocked and dismayed. Both of my children are millennials and they are quite responsible. They both graduated from college with marketable degrees and are on their own providing for themselves. When we go out to dinner, the conversation is lively, entertaining, and intelligent. We’ve spent a fair amount of time around their friends and have repeatedly mentioned to each other on how impressive the intellect of the entire group is.

I don’t think the reporter meant anything hurtful by his comment. And please don’t think that I’ve never done this when I wasn’t thinking. I am far from perfect! But this reminded me once again how hurtful we can be to each other. Thoughtless comments can cut someone’s heart the same way a knife cuts a tomato.

I hope the next time a thoughtless thought enters my head, I’ll remember how I felt when he said that. I hope I can make this little moment in my life help me become a better person.   

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