Deadly Gratitude

Tortured by the loss of his wife, Detective Don Layden isolates himself behind an emotional wall, until a case comes along that shakes him to his core. An axe-wielding murderer kills the wife of a Denver prosecuting attorney and Don has to find him.

In spite of an unsupportive, narcissistic police captain who insists the investigation focus on the widowed attorney’s cases, Don and his partner, Luke, are convinced the killer is a heinous lunatic preying upon innocent Denver woman; one of whom is Kate Fitzgerald. Spirited and defiant, Kate has such compassion for the bereaved families that she is determined to discover who is at the root of this terror before the killer strikes again. But does Kate’s fortitude put her at risk? Don suddenly realizes his concern for Kate’s safety goes beyond public service…a thought that scares him as much as this case.

As the clock ticks on, the killer gets bolder. Can Don, Luke, and Kate battle blood, blades and devil worshipers to solve this mystery before anyone else loses her life?