Lori Donnester

Can we improve ourselves, even if it’s one step at a time?

Writer’s bio

F irst-time author Lori Donnester has been studying the art of writing for decades, but it’s her studies of the spirit of the human heart that makes her story telling truly impactful. Exploring the ideas of what makes our species tick, what are our flaws, what makes us better, and what are our loves takes her deeper into the human condition. Lori continually asks, “Can we improve ourselves, even if it’s one step at a time?” She delves into these thoughts, questions, and even possible solutions through her writing and crafting of her favorite genre – thrillers.

Lori remains steadfast in her conviction that her parents’ prayers and positive thoughts helped her overcome a devastating bicycle accident from which doctors said she would never walk again. (Spoiler alert: She walks just fine today.) When her father passed, she decided to honor him with a story that both entertains and inspires, thus leading to her to write the suspense, crime novel, Deadly Gratitude.

Lori started out life in Illinois and then traveled west to study ballet at the University of Utah. Deciding finance would be a better bet, she made the switch and received her BS in Finance, and works at Operations Controller for HMSHOST at two major international airports. As professional financial controller, Lori uses Excel to start her stories – unique but very effective. It all works out, because today she divides between being a financial controller and an author.

In her spare time, Lori skis (on both snow and water), hikes and enjoys life in the beautiful mountains that surround her Salt Lake City home.

Lori and her family.