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February 18, 2019
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February 24, 2019

A New View on Bucket Lists

In 2007 a funny and charming movie called The Bucket List came out about last things to get out of life before passing on to the next. My husband and I both really enjoyed it, and it sparked conversations of things to do before it’s too late.

I just read an article by Ron Rolheiser about a different kind of bucket list. Instead of focusing on the trips to be taken or events to experience, it’s a focus on self. It’s a focus on improving one’s self to become a better human being for others.

That article made me stop and think. What can I do to improve myself to that I’m a better person? Yes, I take time to help the homeless on a weekly basis. I am a member of several groups where service is the center goal.

That’s all fine and dandy, but what about me? Can I slow down and listen to my friends? Can I offer more support and reach out more often to help make their day better? Can I gain new friends? Can I learn empathy to see things from a different perspective? Can I educate myself to help others?

And can I apply all of that to writing? After all, that was my original goal. And no, that hasn’t changed. I hope my daily tweets and posts in Facebook and Instagram provide a lift to my readers. And I can continue to work to write stories and articles to do the same.

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